There are many ways to save on your purchases at THRIVE Life.  You can shop at my website:  Here you will ALWAYS get a price lower than retail.  Cha-ching! 

Join my team.  If you like getting lots of free and half off stuff this is the way to go.  You can save so much money by being a consultant.  Check out how here.

Another way to get free and half off items is to host a party!  This is a great way to have fun with your friends, try the food, and get some amazing host benefits!  Schedule your next party today.

The best way to shop at THRIVE Life is to sign up for the Q! 

The Q, our monthly auto-ship program, will help you spend less time at the grocery store and build a supply of delicious THRIVE food at your own pace and budget. By following these easy steps, you will be able to create and manage a food plan that is customized to your family. This plan will set up a queue of THRIVE food that will be shipped to your home each month. The Q takes the hassle out of shopping, so sit back, relax, and let THRIVE food come to you.

1a - Create a Custom Food Plan
Based on the information you provide, the Q Planner will automatically create a plan designed specifically for your family. You can determine the THRIVE foods your Q sends to replace your monthly groceries. You can also decide the amount you want to store.

1b - Create a Plan based on your Shopping Habits
Are you a recipe based shopper? Or do you buy things you know you are low on?  Either way you can use the New Q to shop the way you want! (You can also add emergency products and shelving to the New Q.)

2 - Set a Monthly Budget
Determine the monthly dollar amount you want to invest on your THRIVE food. By simply reallocating part of your current budget to THRIVE foods, you can create your home store without increasing your monthly expenses.

3 - Ship Orders to your Home
While the Q does all the work of managing and shipping your orders, it also gives you the option to customize your orders to meet your specific needs.

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