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Its time to party!  Thank you for coming to this virtual THRIVE Life (formerly known as Shelf Reliance) Party by Stock Up With Shelley.  I love being a THRIVE Life consultant. I love doing parties and I wish I could travel around to meet you all in person.  But this is the next best thing, unless you want to become a consultant too and do parties in your area.  Just a thought!  Please make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter (look in the right hand column) so we can keep in touch and keep you up to date on THRIVE Life products and get useful tips from Stock Up With Shelley.  You can also follow my facebook page for sales announcements and recipes.

If you've never heard of THRIVE Life before, here is what you need to know.  THRIVE Life has some great products to help you and your family eat better, save time, save money, waste less, have peace of mind, and be more prepared for emergencies.  Our products are split into 2 categories: Food Rotation Systems and THRIVE Foods.

But first off, let me tell you about The Q.  The best way to order THRIVE Life products is through the Q.  I love the Q.  The Q is why I got interested in this company.  Who would love to make fewer trips to the grocery store?  Who would love to have your groceries come right to your door once a month?  Everyone, right?  The Q is our monthly auto-ship program. You simply set up your Q with the products you want, set your ship date and budget amount, and Bam!  You just set up one grocery trip a month and you don't ever have to leave your house!  I love that I don't have to shop with all my kids in tow.  I can set up my shipments whenever from my computer and I don't have to get out of my pjs to do it!  It is the best thing that happened to grocery shopping.  Ever.  And the added perk is your food will be fresher than it is at your typical grocery store and won't go bad!  No more rotting food in the fridge.  You can keep it unopened in the pantry for 25 years or eat it today!  But I'm getting ahead of myself... What else is great about the Q?  With the Q you always get the best price THRIVE Life has to offer.  Lastly, when you sign up for the Q right now through your friend's party with a $100+ budget you are automatically a Q-Club member and receive all the wonderful perks (monthly Q-pons, earn points for free products, free recipes, gifts, etc).  And just like that your host got $30 in free stuff.  Awesome, right?  Click here to sign up for the Q.

Back to the food!  It can be difficult to eat healthy foods when you've got a busy schedule, and with all the processed foods typically found in our grocery stores and diets.  Do you remember the time you decided you were really going to make sure your family eats healthy and you bought all kinds of fresh veggies and fruits and they went bad in your fridge, probably because you were busy and didn't have the time to chop and cook everything and decided to just make something else or go get fast food?  Or that time you bought beautiful delicious looking red strawberries and the next day they were fuzzy with mold?  This doesn't happen with THRIVE foods.  With THRIVE foods you can have healthy snacks in seconds and amazing healthy meals in minutes.  THRIVE foods are healthy and tasty and last for years and years on your shelf but are actually good enough to use everyday, every meal.  Craving a snack?  Grab some Freeze Dried Yogurt bites, strawberries, pineapple, or Sweet Corn.  They are so good.  Hands down ours are the best tasting FD and long lasting foods in the industry.  You can store them forever but try them once and you will want to use them every day.  All fruits and veggies are non-GMO.  Our milk is hormone free and actually tastes good.  We have wonderful certified Gluten free foods.  Try our Organic Line that we are continuously adding products to.  I am especially exited to tell you about our brand new Sauces and Seasonings - YUMMY!  You can find great foods to help simplify and improve your life and give you the time you need to do the things that you want.

What else do we have to offer you ask?  THRIVE Life's flagship product is the Harvest Shelving unit.  With the Harvest, and all other THRIVE Life shelving units, you can easily rotate your canned food items, whether they are small canned items purchased at the store or our Pantry or #10 cans in our THRIVE food line.  Our shelves make storing and rotating your food quick and simple.  You can select from a range of sizes from small shelving units to put on you pantry shelves, medium sized shelving units that are free standing that can fit in smaller spaces like under the bed, or our larger free standing units.  We have something that will fit you.

Cooking Demo:
Today we will be checking out some great THRIVE foods to make some dishes.  Here is our very own Chef Todd to show you how to cook with THRIVE Life foods:

Click on picture to go to video

Is your mouth watering yet?  Oh, how I wish you could taste these foods!  Sign up for the Q and get your food coming so you can!  If you want to try the Mu Shu Beef Stir Fry you can sign up for the Smart Start 200 and get all the ingredients to try it out!

Specials & Prices Lists:


How to purchase:  To sign up for the Q you can do so online by going here or you can contact me and I can set it up for you.  For one time orders, you can fill out an order form (DO NOT include financial information) and send it to me with a convenient time for me to call you for your credit card information.  OR you can order online through my shop, here:

Join my Team! Seriously everyone, you should join my team.  Now.  Whether you just want to build your home store or grow a successful business, work part time or full time, from home or at expos, earn food for free or make a little extra change for your pocket or lot to add to your savings, you can make this business work.  I love working with this company.  Now is the absolute best time to join.  The starter kits have just been revamped and are amazing, we have a brand new training program for consultants that is fabulous, the benefits are great, team members are so helpful and encouraging, and the market opportunity is now.  The Food Industry is one of the top two industries in the world and I don't think that will ever change - everyone needs to eat, right?   If you like our products, and I know you will, why not join my team of THRIVE Life Consultants?  For $199 you can start your own business and work it as much or as little as you want.   I love being a THRIVE Life Consultant.  I love making new friends and helping others save time, eat well, and have peace of mind.  And it is fun!

Thanks so much for coming to this party!  If you have any questions feel free to contact your host, contact me directly, or leave a comment below.  And make sure to check back for next month's specials and demos.
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  1. Hi Shelley, I'm looking for a hand propelled wheat grinder, that can make flour. Do you have anything like that? I will be getting an electric mill and would like a hand mill/grinder as a back-up. Thanks!

    1. Yes we have the Grain Mill Wheat Grinder:

      I have this one and my kids love to grind the wheat for me, including the 3 year old! The best bread I make is with freshly ground wheat using this grinder so I highly recommend it.