Deals are Coming!

March Madness is about to begin!!!

March Madness begins March 17th!

Why wait until Black Friday for a great deal? During our March Madness sale, we're bringing all your favorite groceries to your door at a huge discount! With nearly all Thrive Life products on sale, you can get your family's favorite foods at an unbeatable price! And don't forget to check out some new items crafted to help you out during a busy night!

If you'd like any help filling an order or picking products, contact me today!
Sale percentages refer to percentage off retail price when purchasing through a consultant. All sale items are available only while supplies last. Shipping prices vary with location.

The sale runs the 17th thru the 21st, while supplies last so order early.  You can contact me now to place a pre-order or you can order online beginning on the 17th.

Almost EVERY THRIVE Life item will be on sale but here are our biggest March Madness discounts (off retail): 
Granny Smith Apples--50% off
Pinto Beans--50% off 
Whole Strawberries-40 % off
Strawberry slices- 40% off
Parmesan Cheese- 40% off
Pears-all sizes 40% off
Raspberries- 40% off
Beef Dices 35% off
Go To Pack (pc cans) 35% off
Mushrooms 30-35 % off
Green Bell Peppers 30% off
Elbow Macaroni-30% off
Blueberries-30% off
Monetary Jack Cheese 30% off
Celery 30% off
Cheddar 30% off
Sausage 30% of
Mozzarella 30% off
Chopped onions 30% off
Scrambled eggs 30% off

I want to stock up on cheese, eggs, sausage, blueberries, beef dices, strawberries , apples...

If you are looking for a rotation shelving unit now is a great time to buy as well.  

And check out our new THRIVE Express Line, to launch during the sale.
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