New Products: SNACKIES!!

During the THRIVE Life Convention a new product line was announced that I am really excited about.  Snackies!  These are great on the go packages of some of our most popular items like apples, pineapples, peas, mangos, corn, etc. but also includes some new products you can only purchase in a Snackies box: Coconut Bites, Carrot Fruit Crisps, Beet Fruit Crisps, and Spinach Fruit Crisps. (I know those names aren't really appetizing but they are really yummy, no sugar added, fruit and veggie only freeze dried crisps.)  I'm really hoping they bring the Coconut Bites to the #10 can because I think we could easily go through a can.  They are so yummy!!

You can create your own custom box of 5-8 Snackies through the Snackies page or through your Q.  Here's my freshly opened box... I had to hide it so my kids won't eat the whole thing at once.  Ok, it so I won't eat it all at once. 

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