Home Store Challenge - Make a Plan

Last month I challenged you to take inventory.  I hope you did!  When I took inventory I was surprised to discover I was very low sugar/honey.  I guess that is one of those food items I don't buy at the grocery store regularly so I'm caught off guard when I run out, which means I pull out a THRIVE can.  (Its so nice to just have that right there.)  But apparently I've done that a few times so I need to buy more. I also discovered that I have more of other items than I previously thought.  That made me happy!  So what do you do next?  Make a Purchase Plan!

How to make a Purchase Plan:

I have two ways to make a Purchase Plan.

This is the easiest method and the one I use.  You just enter your list of things you want to buy, set a monthly budget and ship date, and your items will ship to your door every month.  I love the Q because I don't forget about my home store plan, it keeps me in my budget, and I don't have to do more research or drive all over or hours away to get what I want.  And with the Qs inventory tool, I can keep track of what I've purchased.  Plus, I know I'm always getting the best product on the market.
  • Plan it myself.
This method still works but takes more effort on your part. Using your list of things you want to buy and your monthly budget, look for deals around town or online.  I'd suggest putting reminders in your phone to help you remember every month.  This method did not work for me because I always forgot about it, but perhaps it will work for you!  Tip: Host a THRIVE Life Party so you can taste some food and earn host benefits.

So your challenge for this month is to make a Purchase Plan.  Either plan it out yourself or sign up for the Q.

(Note: I signed up to be a THRIVE Life Consultant so I could earn my food for free through commission on my own and others purchases.  I always get the best price available and have incredible resources available to me.  I always know when great sales are going on so I get help my friends know too.  Becoming a THRIVE Life Consultant was the best choice I made in helping build my home store.  See if this is the route for you too!)
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