Unadvertised Special! Sorena's Super Deluxe 1 Person 6 Month Package

Check out this fantastic package!  A fellow consultant put together this great package deal for a 1 person 6 month food supply and we can offer it to you for a savings of OVER $700!!

You must contact me directly to order.  You will not find this package anywhere on the main THRIVE Life website.

Screaming Deal-Sorena’s Super Deluxe 1 Person 6 Month Package
Price $1056.52* plus applicable tax and shipping. You save over $700!

Things to know about this package:
• All items are #10 (gallon sized) cans unless otherwise stated.
• All items in Buckets are sealed in a Mylar bag inside the bucket and come with an attached Gama seal lid.
• FD= freeze dried
• 1 buckets holds as much food at 8 #10 size cans
• This packages is not available online.
• Limited time offer, prices and availability can change anytime so order now!

1 Bucket Hard White Wheat
1 Bucket White Rice
2 Elbow Macaroni
1 Bucket White Flour (Unbleached)

2 Potato Chunks
2 Sweet Corn (FD)
2 Broccoli (FD)
2 Carrot Dices
2 Chopped Onions (FD)
2 Green Peas (FD)

2 Strawberry Slices (FD)
1 Raspberry (FD)
1 Blueberry (FD)
1 Blackberry (FD)
1 Peach Slices (FD)
1 Apple Slices

1 Bucket non instant nonfat Milk
2 Cheese Blend
1 #10 non instant nonfat Milk

2 Whole Egg Powder
2 Chopped Chicken (FD)
2 Ground Beef (FD)
2 Roast Beef (FD)
1 Bucket of Pinto Beans

1 Bucket of Sugar
1 Iodized Salt
1 Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon
1 Vegetarian Beef Bouillon

1 Orchard Apple Drink Mix
1 Orange Bliss Drink Mix

***Optional: Fuel and Water Add-ons
2 Fuel Reserve 90 Packs $79.99 #66434
1 H2O Reserve 20 Pack $134.99 #25442

*Please note that prices change quarterly so this price may vary slightly.

8/31/16 - Due to some necessary products substitutions due to items being out of stock and some prices changes (some up and some down) the current price of this package is $1361.68 plus tax/shipping.
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