Special January Q Promotion

Restart Your Q - Start Saving Again

Attention Q Customers: Get Q Club membership with no starting fee in January!

Have you wanted to join the Q Club but not wanted to pay the membership fee? Now is the time! In January only, you can get Q Club membership without paying the $79.99 starting fee!

When you increase your Q budget by $50 or more ($100 minimum)* and have a shipment process in January, we'll add Q Club benefits to your account. Usually Q customers can only qualify for free membership when they begin their Q, so don’t miss out on this chance to get exclusive benefits like reward points, monthly discounts, and first access to new products!

Follow the instructions below to raise your budget and qualify for Q Club membership!

Aren't sure if you are a Q club member or not?  Want to start a Q membership? Contact me and I will help you out.

Change Your Budget

Click Settings in the gray bar at the top of your Q and change your budget amount in the Budget section. To qualify for this promotion, you will need to raise your budget amount by at least $50 and have a budget of at least $100. Click Save to save your new budget.

Review Your Shipments

Click Manage My Q in the gray bar at the top of your Q to review your upcoming shipments on the shipments panel. Make sure your next shipment is scheduled in January (click the calendar icon next to the shipment date to edit). You can also edit your shipments or add more items from this page (see tutorial).
*Promotion Details:
  • Q customers must increase their budget by $50 or more and must have a shipment process in January in order to receive free Q Club membership.
  • The Q budget amount must be a minimum of $100.
  • In order to receive Q Club membership, the Q customer will be committed to having 3 shipments process at the increased budget amount.
  • Q Club benefits will be added to the applicable accounts before their February Q processes.
Need help with your Q? Contact me!
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January 2015 Specials

Save this month on Founder's Favorites
Is one of your New Year's resolutions to eat healthier? We're making it easy with our January specials! Save this month on some of our favorite healthy THRIVE items, and watch Chef Todd make nutritious recipes on January Thrive It Up. Order now to start 2015 right with healthy eating!
Autumn Harvest Pack
Nutritious New Year Pack #25274
Organic Quinoa, Carrot Dices, Cauliflower (FD), Cranberries (FD), Strawberry Slices (FD), Instant Brown Rice, Chicken Bouillon.
Pantry cans only. Available through 1/31/14.

$76.09 $60.09 Party/Q: $57.79

Shop Now
Organic Quinoa - Qpon
Organic Quinoa
Q Club: $37.09
Cranberries (FD)
Cranberries (FD)
$21.99 $18.39
Party/Q: $17.59
Instant Brown Rice
Instant Brown Rice
$11.19 $9.39
Party/Q: $8.99
Carrot Dices
Carrot Dices
$20.99 $17.59
Party/Q: $16.79
Cranberries (FD)
Strawberry Slices (FD)
$28.49 $23.89
Party/Q: $22.79
Cauliflower (FD)
Cauliflower (FD)
$23.49 $19.59
Party/Q: $18.79
Chicken Bouillon
Chicken Bouillon
$29.99 $24.99
Party/Q: $23.99
Thrive it Up | Wholesome Harvest
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