12 Days of a THRIVING Christmas - Day 6

We're on Day 6!  Today we'll cover some THRIVE products in the "Basics" category.  We have your regular basics like salt, yeast, brown and cane sugar, and baking powder and soda, which you should keep in your home store, but I want to show you some of our more interesting items.

THRIVE Bouillon - Did you know, our bouillon is vegetarian and MSG free?  We have chicken and beef flavored bouillon and both are delicious.  I like to buy them in pantry sized cans since I just use a little at a time.  I use them all the time for soups and seasoning/flavoring.

THRIVE Honey Crystals -  This is a newer product in our basics line.  Honey crystals are made from honey and cane sugar and when you add water and heat you get honey!  Or use can use it without water in baking or as a no-mess topping on toast or muffins or in your favorite peanut butter sandwiches.  Honey crystals do not solidify like fresh honey does after a while; they have more calcium, iron, and potassium than regular honey, and are non-gmo.  To make 1 cup of honey you use 1 1/2 cups Honey crystals and 1/2 cup water.

THRIVE Butter and Shortening Powders - I love having the butter and shortening powders as more oil/fat options in my home store.  Regular oils and fats do not store well long term but these items last much longer and are great products.


My friend Heather at CookingWithMyFoodStorage.com has a wonderful resource for using powdered butter.  You should print out this document and keep it with your favorite THRIVE recipes.  I love her flavored butter recipes, like the Raspberry Butter.  You could substitute the raspberry with strawberries, mangos, pears, etc.  Doesn't that sound delicious on some freshly baked bread?


Here is a great recipe from our wonderful Chef Todd.  Check out these Honey Oat Banana Muffins using THRIVE Honey Crystals.

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