12 Days of a THRIVING Christmas - Day 12

Its the 12th Day of our {THRIVING} Christmas!  Today we'll be talking about some emergency items from THRIVE Life that I love!

My Favs

THRIVE Life offers so many great emergency products that I really love.  I'm just going to mention a few of my favorites.  I always recommend hosting a party and using your Host Benefits to order these so you get some great deals!

Survival Kit in a Can

I love this Survival Kit in a Can.  It fits perfectly in the glove compartment or in a purse so you can have some survival tools anywhere you go.

326 Piece OSHA First Aid Kit

If you are looking for a great first aid kit, this is it. The 326 Piece OSHA First Aid Kit is a great kit for every family.

2 Person Survival Pack
This is my favorite emergency kit.  The 2 Person Survival Pack has everything you need for your 72 hour kit (for 2 people) plus some great tools.  And it is over 50% off!

Red Cross Blackout Buddy
I love these Blackout Buddies.  We have several around the house.  My kids love having night lights and I love that we will actually have an operating flashlight that we can find if the power goes out.

55 Gallon Water Supply Kit
This 55-gallon water barrel kit has everything you need to store water long term. Depending on the size of your household you may want to have several barrels.

I also love the Water Brick system.  These are portable which is great for evacuations, or just for camping.  They are small and can stack so you can store them in a variety of places, like under the bed or in closets.

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System Sawyer Mini 4 Pack Water Filtration System

These are great little water filters. They are perfect for camping, hiking, scouting, emergency kits, or for traveling to areas with lower water quality.

Katadyn Vario 
We also carry a variety of the excellent Katadyn Brand water filtration products.

For cooking, my two favorites are the Portable Camp Butane Stove

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Stove
and the All-American Sun Oven
All American Sun Oven

With these two cooking tools you can pretty much cook anything.


THRIVE Life has another great free planning tool to help you put together your emergency kit with everything you need for your family.  Check it out here!

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