PowerUp Northern California Friends: Join my Team!

Summit Saturdays | Let's Celebrate!
To my Northern California Friends: 
Come to this event and join my team!  
Sign up there and you'll get $100 in FREE food!

Get Excited About the Future of Food

Come to our Power Up event in Sacramento to celebrate 5 years of home parties and get excited about where Thrive Life is going next! The first half of this event is great for prospects who are interested in learning more about THRIVE—they'll learn about why THRIVE is the future of food, get hands-on training and tips for cooking with THRIVE, and taste delicious samples.  The second half of the event will focus on business training for consultants. Plan now to attend—it's an opportunity you won't want to miss!

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My email: smjordan2@gmail.com
My Consultant ID: 3916
Wednesday, Nov. 12

Courtyard Marriott Sacramento Rancho Cordova
10683 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


Meet Jason Norton
Executive Vice President
Come to Power Up to get educated, inspired, and excited about the future of food and where it's taking your business!
  • Learn more about the direction and vision of Thrive Life
  • Try out our new recipe site and see more upcoming online tools
  • Learn how our new social media dashboard can generate sales for your business
  • Have the chance to win new THRIVE products
  • Network with local consultants, leaders, and Thrive Life executives
  • Participate in hands-on training activities on the power hour and getting ongoing sales from your customers
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New Seasonal Product: Spiced Apple Cider

I am so excited to try this new product!  Spiced Apple Cider... if that doesn't say fall I don't know what does.  And I am so ready for fall!  This product is a drink mix similar to our Classic Lemonade; just add water and your sweetener of choice to enjoy our exclusive in-house blend made from THRIVE Granny Smith Apples. This item is available in pantry can size only, and is a seasonal item that is available while supplies last. The Spiced Apple Cider is gluten free, non-GMO, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, vitamin fortified with 100% daily value Vitamin C, add your own sweetener.

Wassail anyone?
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October 2014 Specials

Save this month on Founder's Favorites

Jump into Fall with October Specials!

October is all about fall foods. THRIVE has lots of great fall items on sale, plus the launch of a new seasonal product: Spiced Apple Cider! Watch Chef Todd make tasty fall recipes on our October Thrive It Up broadcast, and order now to get great prices on the ingredients for your fall favorites!

My Favorites this month are Instant Pinto Beans, Chicken Slices, Monterey Jack Cheese (you know I love THRIVE cheeses) and I am excited to add green onions to my home store.  No more wasting half a bunch.  I can use just what I need and put the rest back on the shelf.  Plus I can't wait to enjoy the Spiced Apple Cider!  Yum!
Autumn Harvest Pack
Autumn Harvest Pack #25269
Spiced Apple Cider, Ground Beef (FD), Green Onions (FD), Hearty Chili with Beans, Instant Pinto Beans, Monterey Jack Cheese (FD), Peppercorn Seasoning Blend, Seasoned Chicken Slices (FD), Tomato Dices (FD), and Red Bell Peppers (FD). Pantry cans only. Available through 10/31/14.

$150.40 $127.99 Q Club: $123.19

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Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced Apple Cider
Enjoy this exclusive in-house blend made from THRIVE Apples, great both hot and cold. Get it while supplies last!
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • No articial colors, flvors, or preservatives
  • Vitamin fortified, with 100% daily value Vitamin C
  • Add your own sweetener
  • 1 can makes 14 gallons of cider
Pantry Can Only$20.99  $20.59 Q Club: $19.99

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Instant Pinto Beans - Qpon
Instant Pinto Beans
Q Club: $10.49

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Green Onions (FD)
Green Onions (FD)
$15.49  $12.99
Q Club: $12.39

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Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (FD)
Monterey Jack Cheese (FD)
$51.99  $43.39
Q Club: $41.59

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Ground Beef FD
Ground Beef (FD)
$58.29  $48.59
Q Club: $46.69

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Tomato Dices (FD)
Tomato Dices (FD)
$39.99  $35.29
Q Club: $33.99

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Hearty Chili with Beans
Hearty Chili with Beans
$9.49  $8.69
Q Club: $8.19

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Seasoned CHicken Slices (FD)
Chicken Slices (FD)
$55.59 $49.09
Q Club: $47.29

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Red Bell Peppers (FD)
Red Bell Peppers (FD)
$36.99 $30.89
Q Club: $29.59

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Peppercorn Seasoning
$8.59 $7.19
Q Club: $6.89

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Thrive it Up | Wholesome Harvest
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