New Products: Greek Yogurt Bites and Pure Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Powder
Pure Vanilla Powder - Spice Can
I am pretty excited about this product.  This will be a great addition to our Home Stores.  Made from the finest real vanilla beans, Pure Vanilla Powder makes it easy to sprinkle delicious flavor into cookies, cakes, and desserts of every kind.

How to Use: Use same amount of powder as you would liquid extract. No need to add water.

Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt Bites - Freeze Dried
Get the creamy, smooth taste of Greek yogurt without the mess! These dry bites make an irresistible snack and don't need to be refrigerated, so they can go anywhere you do.

How to Use: Best as a dry snack. To rehydrate, add 1/4 cup water to 1 cup THRIVE Greek Yogurt Bites and stir until smooth. Crush yogurt bites before adding water for quicker rehydration. Refrigerate after rehydrating. Makes 1/3 cup yogurt.
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