Why I love THRIVE Life

I love being a THRIVE Life consultant.  I really do.  It will be 3 years next month that I started this adventure and I believe it to be one of the best choices I ever made.  Let me tell you why:

  • I love the Q.  It is by far the best thing that happened to me and my home store.  The only requirement in addition to having a Q account is purchasing a consultant kit...  So why not be a consultant?
  • As a consultant you can easily earn your Home Store for FREE and get lots of half off credits too.
  • You can work or not work.  You can be whatever kind of "consultant" you want.  You can work this full time (generally considered about one party a week) or just let your friends/family know to order from you when they want.  It is so flexible and can work for anyone with any schedule and can be adjusted to fit your schedule when "life" happens.
  • THRIVE is the best product on the market.  It sells itself.  And everyone needs food so everyone can use it.
  • There are so many resources available to consultants.  I felt like I knew very little about Food Storage/Home Store and emergency preparedness when I started my journey as a consultant but now I know so much more, am comfortable using these foods in our daily diet, and I am so much more prepared than I ever would have been if I hadn't become a consultant.
  • Its FUN!  THRIVE Life is such a fun company with great people.  The other consultants are fabulous and everyone helps each other.  I have never experienced or seen this kind of support with any other company I've worked for.
  • Its helping people all over the world.  Five percent of all THRIVE profits go to our non-profit Thriving Nations charity which helps families all over the world to become more self sufficient through its educational and practical programs.  Some consultants were even invited to come help with one of the projects in Kenya a couple weeks ago.  I feel good knowing that what I do helps to enable others to do something so much greater and improve lives.
So I invite you to consider becoming a consultant and join my team! This month there is a special promotion to get FREE SHIPPING on your consultant kit so now is a great time to sign up. I would love to discuss this more if you would like to contact me.

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THRIVE Life Bakery: Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix

"Get healthy fresh-baked bread on the table without the hassle with our multi-use dough mix—just add yeast and water. Bake it as it is, or add more grains and seasonings for tasty artisan loaves. Plus, you can use the dough for rolls, breadsticks, pizza crust, scones, and more!"

Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix
Today I tried out the new Bakery line product, Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix.   I decided to just follow the recipe on the can for the regular loaf bread.  It was really good!  Our family finished the whole loaf in a few hours I think.  I loved that I didn't have to pull out all the individual ingredients, measuring cups and spoons and spend time measuring and then putting everything away, etc.  I just measured the water and yeast (if I'd had a yeast packet I wouldn't have had to measure that) and added the mix (one pantry can is one loaf of bread so I just dumped it in).  I followed the directions exactly and it came out great.  The texture was great.  The taste was great.

I have another recipe that I usually use when I want to make homemade bread and I use freshly ground wheat.  I don't think any other recipe or product has been as good as that, but this one sure comes close.  I'll be buying a case!  I can't wait to try out the other THRIVE recipes for the Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix.

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THRIVE June Specials

Have fun in the sun this month with June specials! You’ll get great discounts on some of our best-selling berries. They’re delicious and don’t need to be refrigerated, so they’re easy to take on hikes, picnics, camping, and more. Watch Chef Todd make Very Berry Meringue pie with the specials items, and order today to get your summer going with great prices on THRIVE!
June Fruit & Lemonade Pack
Monthly Specials Pack
June Fruit & Lemonade Pack

$109.39  Web: $75.89
Q Club: $73.39

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Pantry cans only. Available through 6/30/14.
June Q-Pon 
Peach Slices (FD)

#10 Can (27340)
$32.49 $24.39
Pantry Can (22340)
$13.29 $9.99

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On Sale in June:
My favorites include the Strawberries, Instant Milk, and Blueberries (oh, the blueberries!).
    Raspberries (FD)

    $33.29  $27.79
    Q Club: $26.69

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    Blackberries (FD)
    $36.99  $30.89
    Q Club: $29.59

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    Blueberries (FD)
    $46.49  $38.79
    Q Club: $37.19

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    Strawberry Slices (FD)
    $28.49  $23.89
    Q Club: $22.79

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Fruit Punch

$21.29  $17.79
Q Club: $17.09

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Melon Berry Burst
$22.69  $18.59
Q Club: $17.69

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Organic Quinoa
$50.69  $41.29
Q Club: $39.59

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Instant Milk
$26.99  $22.09
Q Club: $21.09

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