Guest Blog Post from Lisa: Using your Food Storage

Now that you are stocking up, what do you do to help you rotate your food? 

My customer, friend, and most importantly my sister, Lisa, recently got together with some of her friends to try out some THRIVE products and recipes.  Here's what she has to say about the experience:

My friends and I have decided that we want to learn how to use our food storage.  A few months ago we started our Food Storage Dinner nights. We’re all single women, who have focused on being prepared and ready for the emergencies in life, whether that be financial or food storage wise. Having a supply of food stored away, can be such a relief when we consider the future and different emergencies that can come our way.

So as you build up your food storage, you’re eventually going to have to rotate through it and use it! These food items can be used in every day meals, not just as a security blanket to be kept on shelves until that emergency.

Our menu included the following recipes from the THRIVE website:    
Chicken Quesadillas

 We divided out the ingredients (and admittedly with some of them ingredients, we had to go to the store to buy).  The beans tasted just like we had been out under the stars and cooked this in a Dutch oven! It was surprisingly tasty. We substituted some of the beans with THRIVE Instant Black Beans (that was what was on hand!) and had to use some real ingredients, like tomatoes and celery. It turned out really good!

We also made quesadillas and added many thrive ingredients, cheese and onions, and added the THRIVE chopped chicken to it as well. Together, the beans and quesadillas were a good meal. For an additional condiment, we made salsa with THRIVE tomatoes, peppers, onions, THRIVE cilantro and added some chili powder to give it some kick. After making the salsa, I though how easy it would be to make a fruit mango salsa with the same ingredients!

This meal showed us how easy it was to make a meal from the THRIVE food storage system. I love to bake and cook and I am learning how to add these THRIVE ingredients to my ingredient list!
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