New Product Line Announced: THRIVE Bakery

And I am so excited to tell you that there is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT LINE!!  We now have THRIVE Bakery!  THRIVE Bakery includes

  • Classic Cookie Dough Mix 

  • Sugar Cookie Dough Mix 

  • Golden Cornbread Mix 

  • Country White Bread Dough Mix

  • Honey Whole Week Bread Dough Mix

We also now have Instant Yeast!  I am so excited about these new products.  This will certainly make baking fast and easy.

I see so many possibilities with these mixes... You could make so many different types of cookies. With the bread mixes I see dinner rolls, pizza dough, scones, bread of course, and so much more.   I can't wait to try these out!  Rumor is these will be available for Q customers next week but I will keep you posted here.  Make sure to follow my Facebook Page so you can get immediate notifications.
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