FREE Printable: 72 Hour Kit Meal & Supply List

I am so excited to share this FREE PRINTABLE with you today!

This past summer I worked hard to get our 3 day emergency items together for our family.  One of the things we needed planned out was food.  I have small children who are unable to cook for themselves and probably won't understand what's really going on in an emergency.  They may wonder why we can't just go home and have a regular meal.  And if they don't like what I give them they probably just won't eat it.  So I decided that I needed to put together food for the whole family that everyone would eat.  I planned out our meals and have it all in a large box with a portable stove and cooking items/tools.  So if we ever have to evacuate I just need to grab this box (and our adult 72 hour backpack, our kids' backpacks, and emergency binder) and we are set.

Let me note here that there is still food and water in each of the backpacks.  The food in the backpacks are items that each of the children can eat on their own and does not require cooking.

I created a document to help me plan my meals and I have made it available for you too!  I love the visual and everything I need is right in front of me.  I used this to gather everything I needed for our whole family but you could use this for each bug out bag as well.  So let me show you how this works.

  • Print out your blank worksheet (This is a PDF document on Google Drive.)
  • fill in the meals you plan to have
  • fill in the ingredients (including water) for each meal
  • add snacks to your list (include comfort food)
  • calculate the amount of water you need for drinking, cooking, and washing
  • decide and gather the items you need for cooking/eating
  • and most importantly, GATHER ALL ITEMS and place in one container (or your bug out back if this is for one person)
My plan:  

When I planned out our food I used mainly THRIVE food items because my family likes this food and is familiar with it.  Plus, the shelf life is much longer than other foods I looked at and it is healthier than other choices available.  The THRIVE Express items I loved because they are just add water meals, cook in minutes, and are really good.  My family likes oatmeal for breakfast so I got a few pantry cans of quick oats, brown sugar, and instant milk.  For drinks I have juice and hot cocoa.  Snacks are some of our favorite Freeze Dried Fruits and a few more longer lasting items from the grocery store.

  • Store food that has a long shelf life so you don't have to rotate the food every few months.
  • Foil is has so many uses in outdoor or indoor cooking.  Just grab some and throw it in the box whether you plan to use it or not.  You might need it to place under your stove so you don't start a fire where you shouldn't, to create packets to cook food in, to eat out of, to store food in, etc.
  • Water for washing does not have to be the same quality of water that you would drink. You can use empty milk gallon containers to store water to be used for cleaning purposes.  You do NOT want to drink this water because eventually this container will leach chemicals into the water but it is fine for washing.  This is a cheap container and easy to carry.  Mark the container so you know it is not for drinking.
  • Water for drinking and cooking should be stored in proper containers and rotated at least once a year.  You can get water bottles from the grocery store or larger water storage containers like these: the water brick, 5 gallon water container, H2O Reserve, etc.
  • Make sure you include some comfort foods.  I included hard candy (lasts long), popping corn (you can pop it in foil packets), and hot chocolate.  We all need something comforting when life is unsettled.
  • Check serving sizes and make sure you have enough for everyone!

I am just so excited to share with with you!  I hope you find this helpful and easy to use! Enjoy the free printable!  If you have any questions please let me know.
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Valentines Day Dinner Recipe

How about a little recipe for your Valentines Day dinner? 
 Thank you  to THRIVE Life's Chef Todd for this wonderful creation.

For the Peppercorn Steak Sauce recipe click here.
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February Specials - Package Sale

We have something new for the February Specials.  This month there are exclusive packages available for this month only.  And the AWESOME part is you get FREE SHIPPING on these packages.  I love it!  The Q-pon (available only to Q customers) is Freeze Dried Ground Beef (aka Hamburger) which is really good.  If you are interested in making a purchase you can order directly from the website or contact me.

I decided I will go through each package and tell you my thoughts on them, so here we go!

Beef Package: This package includes 3 #10 cans of Beef Dices (FD) and 3 #10 cans of Roast Beef (FD).  I love both of these beef products.  They are delicious.  You don't have to worry about thawing, browning, timing, or even cooking it.  
Beef 6 Pack (FD)

Berries Package:  This package contains 2 #10 cans of Raspberries (FD), 2 #10 cans of Blackberries (FD), and 2 #10 cans of Strawberries (FD).  These are great for smoothies, compotes, cobblers, etc.  The flavors are strong and colors are beautiful.  The blackberries are huge but also have a lot of seeds.  My kids will go through a can of strawberries like there is no tomorrow so I have to hide them.
Berries 6 Pack (FD)

Cheese Package:  ***This might be my favorite package.***  It includes 3 #10 cans of Shredded Cheddar Cheese (FD) and 3 #10 cans of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (FD).  I LOVE both of these products.  They are both amazing and once reconstituted can be used just like regular cheese.  The flavors are amazing.  I could eat the Cheddar right out of the can.  I love the Mozzarella for homemade pizza or other pasta dishes. 
Favorite Cheeses 6 Pack (FD)

Peppers Package:  This package includes 2 #10 cans of Green Bell Peppers (FD), 2 #10 cans of Red Bell peppers (FD), and 2 #10 cans of Green Chili Peppers (FD).  I love the green bell peppers and the green chili peppers.  I'm just not a fan of red peppers in general, but I've used the red peppers in recipes that I liked.  The green chili peppers are fantastic and have replaced all of my store bought cans of green chili peppers.  These freeze dried chilis are so much better.
Peppers 6 Pack (FD)

Pork Package:  The package includes 3 #10 cans of Ham Dices (FD) and 3 #10 cans of Sausage Crumbles (FD).  I have mixed feelings on this package.  I absolutely LOVE the sausage crumbles.  They are so good.  They are great for breakfast dishes, pizza, and even Zuppe Toscana soup.  The Ham tastes great and is great in a of recipes, but it has a very short shelf life once opened.  It will still last a long time on your shelf un-opened but once you open it you have two weeks to use it, if you keep it on the shelf.  If you do buy this package, here is the trick to making your ham last longer.  Once opened, put the rest of your unused ham in a freezer back and store it in the freezer.  Then it will last for months.
Pork 6 Pack (FD)

Poultry Package:  This package includes 3 #10 cans of Chopped Chicken (FD) and 3 #10 cans of Turkey Dices.  I have not tried the Turkey yet but it has the same shelf life issue as the ham mentioned above.  So once you open it, store it in the freezer or use it within two weeks.  The chopped chicken is great.  I use it all the time.  It is great for chicken salad, chicken gravy, casseroles, soups, etc.  It is chopped into small pieces that reconstitute easily.
Poultry 6 Pack (FD)

Tropics Package: This package has a total of 12 cans.  There are 4 #10 cans of Banana Slices (FD), 4 #10 cans of Mangos (FD), and 4 #10 cans of Pineapple Chunks (FD).  I  love all of these and they are all a great hit with my kids.  One thing I love about the bananas is you can also use them as an egg substitute in many cake or cookie recipes.  They are great for toddlers learning to eat solids or you can powder them and add water to make baby food.  The Mangos are like candy.  The pineapple chunks are one of my all time favorite THRIVE foods.
Tropics 12 Pack (FD)

Yogurt Package: This package also has a total of 12 cans, including 2 #10 cans EACH of Blueberry Yogurt Bites (FD), Cherry Yogurt Bites (FD), Passionfruit Yogurt Bites (FD), Strawberries Yogurt Bites (FD), Pomegranate Yogurt Bites (FD), and Vanilla Yogurt Bites (FD).  I love these yogurt bites as treats.  My favorite is Passionfruit followed by Pomegranate.  If you like our Yogurt Bites, this is what you want. 
Yogurts 12 Pack (FD)

Quick Oats Buckets Package: This package is pretty simple.  It is two buckets of Quick Oats.  These are great for a number of recipes like oatmeals, granola, cookies, breads, and even smoothies or meatloafs.  If you like Quick Oats now is a great time to buy.
Quick Oats Bucket 2 Pack
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