New Product - Hot Cocoa!

This new product is perfect for the coming winter, and if you check out the recipe in the photo below you'll see it is good for summer as well.  Our new Hot Cocoa Mix will be replacing our old Chocolate Drink Mix.  Here's why:

• One of the main reasons for the update on the hot cocoa is that Thrive Life is trying to have very clean labels. What does that mean? Basically it means that the ingredients used are real food, and that we haven’t used any ingredients that we know/might be causing problems for people. For example in the hot cocoa we used freeze dried cocoanut water instead of the more common carrageen as a thickener. Carrageen has recently been linked to some possible negative health effects, so we are staying away from it. 

• The new hot cocoa is an in house formula (meaning you can't buy it anywhere else - we make it ourselves). This is a gourmet cocoa similar to Stephen's at a great price. Stephen’s hot cocoa typically sells for $4.99 for 13 servings or .38 per serving. Ours sells for $9.99 for 25 servings .40 per serving. The holiday version sells for $8.99 for 25 servings .36 per serving. 

• It is non gmo. 

Great reasons, right?  I am so excited for this new product.  I think it is a wonderful improvement to the THRIVE line.  Won't the holiday version be perfect for gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends, family, etc.?  You know what my daughter's teacher will be getting this year!

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