September is National Preparedness Month!

September is one of my favorite months for many reasons.  My first child was born in September.  The weather just might start cooling down in September.  I can finally start decorating for fall.  But did you know that September is also National Preparedness Month?  It is.  And that means now is a great time to check on and update your 72 hour kits (here is my favorite kit and its 50% off!) and emergency binder, review your family food storage and emergency plans, talk to your school/work about their emergency plans, attend great community events focusing on emergency preparedness, and find great deals on emergency preparedness items. A great resource for you is  Check it out!
This month I will be a vendor at our community emergency expo and later teaching a class on how to make a #10 Can Stove (instructions to come here on the blog as well).  I'll also be giving multiple in home THRIVE Life demonstrations.  This month if you host a demonstration you can enter to win a Harvest 72 Shelf.  Isn't that fun? If you would like to host a demo let me know.

What are you doing this in honor of National Preparedness Month?  Keep checking back here for more great resources.  We've got some great things planned for you this month!
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