Two New Products Announced!

Two new products were announced this month!  I am always so excited when we have new products.  Rumor is a few more products are to come in the next few months.  I'm hoping for pumpkin and cranberries for Thanksgiving!

Here are the two new products announced in September: Rainbow Farfalle Pasta and Whole Grain Penne Past!

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My Favorite Picks for National Preparedness Month

Here are some of my top picks for National Preparedness Month. Order before the month ends! You can order them here: or go straight to the links below or contact me to order.

Emergency Kit: 2 Person Survival Pack - Every household should have one:
Small & Portable Water Storage: the Water Brick (and don't forget a water brick spigot 
Sparkie Fire Starter (26% off this month): 
September THRIVELife Specials:

We also have some unadvertised sales going on... like LOTS of them. You must contact me directly to place an order for these. Check them out here (it is a large PDF and may take some time to load):

And don't forget to download your Free Printables: Emergency Binder and Cookbook.

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Our THRIVE Cookbook

I have a real treat for you today!  Sometimes using your home store can a little scary when you are just getting started.  Its nice to have recipes that you know will work with your food without making any conversions.  Some fellow THRIVE Consultants and I compiled some of our favorite recipes using our THRIVE foods into a cookbook and here it is for you!

Cooking with THRIVE couldn't be easier! Its time to get cooking!
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How to Make a #10 Can Stove

We go through a lot of THRIVE food in our house.  This means we have a lot of empty #10 cans.  I've been trying to put them to better use than just storing air.  When I found this idea to turn your #10 cans in to portable stoves I knew I had to try it.  And I love it!  It is super easy, doesn't take much time, and you might have everything you need for it around the house anyway so it is an inexpensive way to build your own portable stove.  It is perfect to keep with your 72 hour food kits.  If you ever have to evacuate quickly you can grab this and cook wherever you are.

Items to gather:

  • 1 #10 Can and lid
  • 1 Smaller Can (a THRIVE Pantry size can is perfect) and lid
  • 1 wire hanger
  • 24 briquettes
  • 4 lunch size baggies
  • Heat Cell or similar
  • 1 box of matches

What to do:

First, use a regular hand can opener to make cuts about 1 1/2 inches apart around the bottom of the number #10 can like shown below.  This will allow air to enter so the fuel can burn.

Using a power drill or a hammer and thick nail punch 4 holes (2 on each side directly across from each other) in the middle of the can.  These holes need a diameter slightly larger than the wire from the wire hanger.

Cut the wire hanger so you have two lengths of wire that are at least an inch longer than the diameter of the can.  You will put these wires through the holes above your fuel and rest the smaller can on them while cooking.

And that's it as far as prepping the stove.  It will look something like this when you are ready to cook.

To fit all your supplies in the stove first put your Heat Cell and matches in the small can.  Put the lid on the smaller can.

Put 6 briquettes in each baggie.

Put one baggie on the bottom of the #10 can and put in the wires as far to the side as possible.

Put the smaller can inside the #10 can and the three other baggies around it

Put the lid on and you are done!

What do you think?  Go make one today and keep it with your emergency supplies!
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September is National Preparedness Month!

September is one of my favorite months for many reasons.  My first child was born in September.  The weather just might start cooling down in September.  I can finally start decorating for fall.  But did you know that September is also National Preparedness Month?  It is.  And that means now is a great time to check on and update your 72 hour kits (here is my favorite kit and its 50% off!) and emergency binder, review your family food storage and emergency plans, talk to your school/work about their emergency plans, attend great community events focusing on emergency preparedness, and find great deals on emergency preparedness items. A great resource for you is  Check it out!
This month I will be a vendor at our community emergency expo and later teaching a class on how to make a #10 Can Stove (instructions to come here on the blog as well).  I'll also be giving multiple in home THRIVE Life demonstrations.  This month if you host a demonstration you can enter to win a Harvest 72 Shelf.  Isn't that fun? If you would like to host a demo let me know.

What are you doing this in honor of National Preparedness Month?  Keep checking back here for more great resources.  We've got some great things planned for you this month!
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September THRIVE Specials

Save on healthy family meals this September!

Our September specials give you the ingredients to create family-friendly meals that are good for you too! Check out Chef Todd's recipes below, and don't forget to tune in for the Thrive It Up broadcast! Order today to save up to 32% on everything you need for great family meals!  The items I am most excited about this month are FD Green Onions, FD Colby Cheese (I love THRIVE Cheeses), Instant Black Beans (love these, saves time and water), and Shortening Powder (a great way to store those oils you need).

White Flour
$7.89 $6.39
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Blueberry Yogurt
$45.39 $36.39
Shop More Info

Ham Dices (FD)
$55.99 $44.79
Shop More Info

Honey Crystals
$19.79 $15.89
Shop More Info

Chopped Onions (FD)
$19.69 $15.79
Shop More Info

Cheese Blend
$28.39 $22.79
Shop More Info

Instant Black Beans
$15.69 $12.59
Shop More Info

Shortening Powder
$14.29 $11.49
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Green Onions (FD)
$15.49 $12.39
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Colby Cheese (FD)
$49.79 $39.89
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$12.79 $10.29
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The Reserve 39"
Under the Bed #10
$99.99 $67.99
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Quickfire Stove
Sparkie Firestarter
$14.95 $10.99
Shop More Info
Fuel Reserve 32 Pack
Life Caps Emergency Bottle
$29.96 $19.99
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Breakfast GravyBlack Bean Chocolate Cupcakes
Chicken Stir-Fry with Orange Chili GlazeQuinoa Encrusted Chicken Tenders

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