FREE PRINTABLE: Emergency Binder by Stock Up With Shelley

I am so excited for this post!  This summer I've been revamping my 72 hour kits and other emergency items. We've had a lot of wildfires here in Southern California so it has made me think more about being prepared for evacuations. I'll be sharing some of the projects I've been working on with you here. 

One of the items I focused on was an emergency binder: a binder full of all the documentation you might need in an emergency situation.  For example, let's say you are evacuated from your house due to a wildfire, hurricane, etc.  You most likely will not have a lot of time to search for all the documents you might need to take with you and you may not think of all the things you might need.  But if you have your Emergency Binder already created, you just grab it with your 72 hour kits and go.

So I grabbed a binder and started collecting items but I wasn't really sure what to get and it still wasn't very organized.  It was just thrown in there haphazardly.  I decided I needed something to help me get the binder organized (and cute too... when its cute I'm more motivated!).  So we, Stock Up With Shelley and my good friends at Bitty Birdie Designs, created this printable!  Now all you have to do is print it out, grab a binder, and follow the simple directions to gather everything you need and keep it organized.

Are you ready?  Here's the printable.  Just click on the image and it will take you to Google Drive. You can download the file to your computer or you can print directly from Google Drive.  Use Adobe Reader or similar to open the downloaded PDF file.

Instructions to create your binder are included in the printable but basically you get a binder of your choice, some dividers, and assemble your binder.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Once you make your binder keep it someplace safe! You do not want someone to walk away with all of the information about you and your family.  You should guard it like you would other valuables.
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  1. Thanks for this! I love being organized and wish I was better at it. And you're right, it's much more motivating when your binder looks good!

  2. These are nicely designed. Thank you for sharing! Just wondering where you purchased your pocket tabs? I bought some tabs but they are not wide enough to stick out when using with clear sheet protectors, and I do not want the plain old cheapy ones made from paper that will rip. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I've purchased all my tabs at the local Staples store. I'd assume they are also at Office Depot. The ones shown in the picture are made of a good firm plastic but are not the pocket type. They look really nice but were a little more pricey. I have the sheet protector dividers too that I also found at Staples. They work well, are less expensive, and still look good.

  3. Congratulations on being prepared! Though I hope there’ll never be instances wherein you have to use your emergency binder and 72-hour kit. About your important notice, yes, of course you don’t want anyone walking away with all your family’s information, so better keep it in your vault or firebox rather than in a cabinet. Ruby @