THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix

Have you tried powdered eggs before?  I bought a #10 can once before and they were gross.  Even the poor boys scouts I gave some to to use on their camp out thought they were nasty.  I managed to use up the can in cookies and other recipes that somewhat masked the flavor (but still left an aftertaste).  I really never wanted to try them again.

Then THRIVE Life announced they had reformulated some powdered eggs specifically for Scrambled Eggs. I decided to that it might be time to try the eggs again.  

 I followed the instructions on the can: To reconstitute the equivalent of one egg: mix 2 tablespoons of THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix with 3 tablespoons of water. Mix thoroughly. Then I made scrambled eggs.  I added some THRIVE Chives and some Green Bell Peppers and Red Bell Peppers

My Review:  I was impressed with the texture.  The eggs turned out nice and fluffy.  The taste was MUCH MUCH better than the other product I'd tried.  I actually thought they tasted pretty good.  Now, I typically add cheese and milk to our regular scrambled eggs and I didn't this time so I did miss the cheese flavor.  Next time I'll add cheese.  My kids LOVED the scrambled eggs.  Even my son who usually won't eat eggs said he "likes eggs now!"  My husband thought they weren't as good as fresh but they were much better than the other brand too.  Overall I think this gets 4.5 stars out of 5!  Way to go THRIVE!
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