72 Hour Kit Sale - This Week Only!

This week is National Hurricane preparedness week and Thrive Life is encouraging everyone to get prepared.  If you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes (or any seasonal events like fires or tornadoes, or even unpredictable ones like earthquakes), please take a few minutes to update your preparedness plans and supplies.  

Follow these three simple steps to make sure that you are prepared for hurricanes and other severe weather conditions:

 1.  BE INFORMED: Make sure you know the weather risks in your area and how you’ll be notified if emergencies occur.  Staying informed in an emergency is critical.  An emergency radio can be your lifeline in an emergency make sure you have new batteries and that your radio is functioning correctly.  If you don’t have an emergency radio you might consider:
Solar Link FRX 2 $47.49
Solar Link Scorpion $57.70
Dynamo Radio – Weather Band $17.90
2.  GET PREPARED: Make plans for what your family will do during dangerous conditions and put together the food and supplies you’ll need.  A well-stocked emergency kit saves time and allows for quick evacuation.  

On sale this week only are two great kits:
Providence Basic, 2 person Emergency Kit,  $95.99

Expedition Basic, 4 person Emergency Kit, $174.99

Also on sale right now is my favorite pack
2 Person Survival Pack, $79.10

3.  TAKE ACTION: During an emergency, keep calm, follow the plans you've made, and stay safe.

If you have any questions about any of these kits please contact me!
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