Shelf Reliance is now THRIVE Life

Shelf Reliance changed its name!  This is huge.  So I am now your personal THRIVE Life Consultant.  
I think the name says it all.  Do you want your life to thrive?  Don't we all?  Let me help you!
Here is the official press release:

PROVO, UT, MARCH 21–23, 2013:  At its third annual convention at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Shelf Reliance revealed more than new THRIVE products and consultant tools. The company also announced that its name will be changing to Thrive Life.
This decision was made by founders Steve Palmer and Jason Budge, who feel that this new name better encompasses the growing vision of the company. “We hadn’t fully envisioned what this company would grow into when we started out eight years ago with Food Rotation Systems being our only product,” says Budge. “Now that we sell over a thousand products, including our own food line, our vision still focuses heavily on self-reliance, but it also extends beyond that.”
Palmer adds, “Over the years, our vision has grown into the desire to help people create thriving lives all over the world. That means more than helping them become self-reliant—it also means helping them build a Home Store, become financially secure, create lasting relationships within and outside of the Thrive Life family, develop personally and as a leader, and share with other by giving back to the community. We feel that our new name embodies this greater vision.” Though the company will now refer to itself as Thrive Life in all new materials, existing materials will be replaced gradually over the next several months as inventory is phased out.
The new name was just one of many exciting announcement at the convention, which was attended by consultants from all over the US, Canada, and even Japan. Two new THRIVE food lines were launched exclusively for Home Party consultants and customers, and a new Smart Start pack and updated consultant starter kits were also released. A new version of the Q, an online program for managing monthly THRIVE shipments, was launched as well, along with a new interactive online consultant training program, the PATH.
The convention also included presentations from the executive team, workshops given by experienced consultants, a cooking demonstration by Thrive Life’s very own Chef Todd Leonard, performances by award-winning singer and songwriter Alex Boyé, a presentation on the corporate charity Thriving Nations by a native Ecuadorian woman who had been helped by the program, and a keynote address by acclaimed mountaineer and businesswoman Alison Levine.
Thrive Life provides delicious long-lasting foods, innovative rotation shelving, and emergency products to help people around the world achieve thriving lives. The company has recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the Utah region by Ernst and Young and in the nation by Inc. 500.
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