New Products: SAUCES

Probably the most exciting thing from convention was the announcement about our new products.  The audience cheered like crazy people when these were announced and I admit I was right there with them.  This is so exciting.  I tasted all of these and they are awesome.

All sauces are:
  • Original blends developed in house, you can find them nowhere else
  • GMO Free
  • MSG Free
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Come in the pantry can size
  • What I love: You can make as little or as much as you need and it is so easy to make and doesn't clump - you just add water!
(FYI: These are based on the French chef Antonin Carême's Mother Sauces created in the early 19th century.) 

VelouteA rich Chicken Gravy.  ID number  22601.  Use as a chicken gravy, creamy chicken soup broth, or to replace cream of chicken soup in recipes
Bechamel: A creamy white sauce.  ID number 22602.   Bechamel works great to make Alfredo, cheese sauce, or potato soup, lemon caper sauce, creamy pesto sauce, cream of whatever soup, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Espagnole: Beef Gravy.  ID number 22603.  Espagnole is amazing over a roast in the crock pot (add more water than the directions say).  It is also great as the base for beef stew, or over mashed potatoes.  
Tomato:  ID number 22604. This rich red tomato sauce makes great spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, dipping sauce, or tomato soup.  
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