March Specials

March has some great specials going on.  The Sliced Strawberries are on sale.  We love the strawberries in our house.  They are so good.  We also have some great staples on sale including Red Wheat, Kidney Beans, and Lima Beans.  If you have attended one of my parties there is a good chance you have tasted the Macaroons.  Guess what?  The Macaroons are on sale!  Get them now!  There is also a 6-pack of Yogurt on sale.  If you love the yogurt, like everyone who has tried them does, this is a great way to save and stock up on a variety of yogurts. 

Hard Red Wheat
$8.19 $6.99
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Lima Beans
$16.89 $13.59
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Macaroon Cookies
$19.99 $15.99

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Strawberries (FD)
$28.99 $23.19
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Chicken TVP
$13.19 $10.59
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Loaded Scalloped Potatoes
$6.59 $5.19
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Kidney Beans
$14.39 $11.59
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Orange Bliss
$19.49 $15.59
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Chili Lime Chicken Rice
$7.39 $5.79 
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Yogurt 6 Pack
(pantry can)

$93.99 $78.39
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Reserve 72 #10
$259.99 $157.99
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14-in-1 Multi Tool
$17.99 $14.99 
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Water Filtration Bottle
$29.99 $24.99
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These emergency products are great.  The Water Filtration Bottle is one of my top sellers so I love seeing it on sale.  Contact me today to order!
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