Shelf Reliance Convention 2013

Convention was awesome.  I never thought people could really get so excited about long term food, but let me tell you... THEY DO.  And its fun.  I've been to a number of different conventions and this really was the most fun I've ever had at one.  It was "elevating" and inspiring.  I learned so much and can't wait to share what I've learned with you!

New Products: Seasonings, Sauces, and Emergency Products.
New Tools & Products for Consultants: Now is the best time to become a consultant.  We have new tools and products just for consultants that are awesome.  Join my team today.  Seriously.  Everyone should be a consultant.  Who doesn't want to THRIVE?

The main stage
Team Jodi & Julie
Alex Boye in action... was awesome!
This is a Convention Highlights video.  (You may have to follow the link to YouTube to watch it depending on your computer's settings.)  You may notice a guy break dancing in a clip. You'll also see him holding his baby in the team pictures below.

Shelf Reliance Leaders Team... we have to change our name now!
Here are some photos from the tour of THRIVE Life Headquarters
Canning a small batch of pantry cans by hand in a Gluten Free room.
The canners run 20 hours a day.  The other 4 hours in a day are for cleaning and maintenance.
Automated canning
One of many rows of food.  
Items getting ready to go to the Distribution Center
They said all of this would be shipped out in about 9 days. Amazing.
I wish my Home Store looked like this! 
I had such a fun time at convention!  I can't wait to go again next year.  And I hope many of you will come with me!

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New Emergency Products

New Emergency Products

Kindle Cook Kit - This is a super cool kit to cook food without a flame.  Love it.  Just add a little water to the heating pack to get the heat going.  Your food will cook at 209 degrees and be done in about 15 minutes.  You can cook anything that you just add water too.  Comes with two heating packs.  12 pack replacement heating packs available.  This is great for emergency kits, back packing trips, and meals on the go.
Inline image 1

Kindle Cook Cup  Same as above but in a cup.  Great for drinks and soups.

Inline image 2

Camelbak All Clear Purifier - Water bottle that uses UV technology to purify your water.  

Inline image 3

Outdoor Kitchen Cook Set - Tools and utensils to use when you cook outdoors. 

Inline image 4
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New Products: Seasonings!

THRIVE Seasonings!!!

Bring in the Spice!  I love these.  All seasonings are:
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Have a 25 year shelf life—this is due to the unique packaging.  The spice jar is metal with a pop top lid (like the pantry cans), once the pop top is removed the plastic lid is like the spice jars from the grocery store, one side is a “shake” side and the other is a “pour” side.
  • Freeze Dried Herbs (all are freeze dried except the peppercorn blend and the Chef’s choice) should be used like fresh herbs.  In a recipe that calls for dry herbs you need to use the fresh equivalent which is 3 times as much.  So if your recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of dry basil, then you need to use 3 teaspoons of FD basil.
Salad Seasoning Blend (can also be used to make salad dressing) 
Chef's Choice (LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!  Put on veggies, meats, soups, in anything to give it a little kick)

I am so excited for you to try these new products!  I hope you are too!

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New Products: SAUCES

Probably the most exciting thing from convention was the announcement about our new products.  The audience cheered like crazy people when these were announced and I admit I was right there with them.  This is so exciting.  I tasted all of these and they are awesome.

All sauces are:
  • Original blends developed in house, you can find them nowhere else
  • GMO Free
  • MSG Free
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Come in the pantry can size
  • What I love: You can make as little or as much as you need and it is so easy to make and doesn't clump - you just add water!
(FYI: These are based on the French chef Antonin Carême's Mother Sauces created in the early 19th century.) 

VelouteA rich Chicken Gravy.  ID number  22601.  Use as a chicken gravy, creamy chicken soup broth, or to replace cream of chicken soup in recipes
Bechamel: A creamy white sauce.  ID number 22602.   Bechamel works great to make Alfredo, cheese sauce, or potato soup, lemon caper sauce, creamy pesto sauce, cream of whatever soup, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Espagnole: Beef Gravy.  ID number 22603.  Espagnole is amazing over a roast in the crock pot (add more water than the directions say).  It is also great as the base for beef stew, or over mashed potatoes.  
Tomato:  ID number 22604. This rich red tomato sauce makes great spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, dipping sauce, or tomato soup.  
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Why our Team is Great

I had so much fun with our team at The THRIVE Life Convention!  They are awesome people.  It is so great to work with them.

So why are they so great?

They are real people with real lives trying to do their best to live a "THRIVING Life" just like me.

We worked together to come up with ideas and goals and helped each other so much.  Where else can you get such personal attention and help for your business?
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Shelf Reliance is now THRIVE Life

Shelf Reliance changed its name!  This is huge.  So I am now your personal THRIVE Life Consultant.  
I think the name says it all.  Do you want your life to thrive?  Don't we all?  Let me help you!
Here is the official press release:

PROVO, UT, MARCH 21–23, 2013:  At its third annual convention at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Shelf Reliance revealed more than new THRIVE products and consultant tools. The company also announced that its name will be changing to Thrive Life.
This decision was made by founders Steve Palmer and Jason Budge, who feel that this new name better encompasses the growing vision of the company. “We hadn’t fully envisioned what this company would grow into when we started out eight years ago with Food Rotation Systems being our only product,” says Budge. “Now that we sell over a thousand products, including our own food line, our vision still focuses heavily on self-reliance, but it also extends beyond that.”
Palmer adds, “Over the years, our vision has grown into the desire to help people create thriving lives all over the world. That means more than helping them become self-reliant—it also means helping them build a Home Store, become financially secure, create lasting relationships within and outside of the Thrive Life family, develop personally and as a leader, and share with other by giving back to the community. We feel that our new name embodies this greater vision.” Though the company will now refer to itself as Thrive Life in all new materials, existing materials will be replaced gradually over the next several months as inventory is phased out.
The new name was just one of many exciting announcement at the convention, which was attended by consultants from all over the US, Canada, and even Japan. Two new THRIVE food lines were launched exclusively for Home Party consultants and customers, and a new Smart Start pack and updated consultant starter kits were also released. A new version of the Q, an online program for managing monthly THRIVE shipments, was launched as well, along with a new interactive online consultant training program, the PATH.
The convention also included presentations from the executive team, workshops given by experienced consultants, a cooking demonstration by Thrive Life’s very own Chef Todd Leonard, performances by award-winning singer and songwriter Alex Boyé, a presentation on the corporate charity Thriving Nations by a native Ecuadorian woman who had been helped by the program, and a keynote address by acclaimed mountaineer and businesswoman Alison Levine.
Thrive Life provides delicious long-lasting foods, innovative rotation shelving, and emergency products to help people around the world achieve thriving lives. The company has recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the Utah region by Ernst and Young and in the nation by Inc. 500.
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March Specials

March has some great specials going on.  The Sliced Strawberries are on sale.  We love the strawberries in our house.  They are so good.  We also have some great staples on sale including Red Wheat, Kidney Beans, and Lima Beans.  If you have attended one of my parties there is a good chance you have tasted the Macaroons.  Guess what?  The Macaroons are on sale!  Get them now!  There is also a 6-pack of Yogurt on sale.  If you love the yogurt, like everyone who has tried them does, this is a great way to save and stock up on a variety of yogurts. 

Hard Red Wheat
$8.19 $6.99
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Lima Beans
$16.89 $13.59
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Macaroon Cookies
$19.99 $15.99

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Strawberries (FD)
$28.99 $23.19
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Chicken TVP
$13.19 $10.59
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Loaded Scalloped Potatoes
$6.59 $5.19
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Kidney Beans
$14.39 $11.59
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Orange Bliss
$19.49 $15.59
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Chili Lime Chicken Rice
$7.39 $5.79 
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Yogurt 6 Pack
(pantry can)

$93.99 $78.39
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Reserve 72 #10
$259.99 $157.99
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14-in-1 Multi Tool
$17.99 $14.99 
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Water Filtration Bottle
$29.99 $24.99
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These emergency products are great.  The Water Filtration Bottle is one of my top sellers so I love seeing it on sale.  Contact me today to order!
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Nearly 100 Certified Gluten Free THRIVE Foods

Shelf Reliance is now offering certified gluten-free THRIVE foods!

1. What is the difference between naturally gluten-free and certified gluten-free?
A product that is certified gluten-free is packaged under gluten-free conditions, meaning that the room and machinery it is packaged with are exclusively used for gluten-free products and are tested regularly to ensure that they are gluten-free. The product is also tested for gluten after packaging. Some of our products are naturally gluten-free, but we will not certify them as such if we do not do the gluten-free testing ourselves or cannot verify that the supplier’s manufacturing procedures are gluten-free.

2. What does gluten-free certification entail?
We are certified gluten by the Gluten Intolerance Group. In order to be certified by them, we sign an annual contract that allows them to inspect our facilities and review our testing records and cleaning procedures.

3. Is there a price difference between certified gluten-free products and other products?
Our certified gluten-free products are no more expensive than the other products we offer. We have taken on the gluten-free certification process as one of our daily quality control processes to ensure the high standard of THRIVE foods. We are excited to provide certified gluten-free products at no additional charge.

4. Are all packaging options certified gluten-free? 
Because of the considerable cost and effort involved with certification, our pouches are not certified gluten-free at this time. However, all other packaging options—#10 cans, pantry cans, and buckets—are certified gluten-free.

We’re proud to announce that the THRIVE foods listed below have gone through a rigorous certification process to ensure they are gluten-free, all at no extra cost to you. Go gluten-free with THRIVE today!

Apple Sauce
Apples, Fuji (FD)
Apples, Granny Smith (FD)
Apricots (FD)
Banana Slices (FD)
Blackberries (FD)
Blueberries (FD)
Cherries, Sweet (FD)
Grapes, Red Seedless (FD)
Mangoes (FD)
Peach Slices (FD)
Pears (FD)
Pineapple Chunks (FD)
Raspberries (FD)
Raspberries, Organic (FD)
Strawberries, Sliced (FD)
Strawberries, Whole (FD)

Asparagus (FD)
Broccoli (FD)
Carrot Dices
Cauliflower (FD)
Celery (FD)
Corn, Sweet (FD)
Green Beans (FD)
Mushroom Pieces (FD)
Onions, Chopped
Onions, Chopped (FD)
Onions, Green (FD)
Peas, Split Green
Peas, Green (FD)
Peas, Green Organic (FD)
Peppers, Green Bell (FD)
Peppers, Green Chili (FD)
Peppers, Red Bell (FD)
Peppers, Mixed Bell
Potato Beads
Potato Chunks
Potato Dices (FD)
Spinach (FD)
Tomato Dices (FD)
Tomato Powder
Zucchini (FD)

Amaranth, Organic
Quinoa, Organic
Rice Flour
Rice, Instant Brown
Rice, Instant
Rice, White

Cheese Blend
Cheese, Cheddar (FD)
Cheese, Colby (FD)
Cheese, Monterey Jack (FD)
Cheese, Mozzarella (FD)
Milk, Instant
Milk, Powdered
Sour Cream Powder
Yogurt, Blueberry (FD)
Yogurt, Passionfruit (FD)
Yogurt, Pomegranate (FD)
Yogurt, Cherry (FD)
Yogurt, Strawberry (FD)
Yogurt, Vanilla (FD)

Meat & Beans
Beans, Black
Beans, Instant Black
Beans, Kidney
Beans, Lima
Beans, Pinto
Beans, Small Red
Beans, Small White Navy
Eggs, Scrambled Mix
Egg, Whites
TVP, Bacon
TVP, Chicken
TVP, Taco

Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Bouillon, Beef
Bouillon, Chicken
Butter Powder
Honey Crystals
Salt, Iodized
Shortening Powder
Sugar, Brown
Sugar, Powdered
Sugar, White

Fruit Punch Performance
Orange Bliss
Orchard Apple
Simply Peach
Melon Berry Burst
Mango Passion

Ice Cream, Chocolate
Bars (FD)
Ice Cream, Neapolitan
Bits (FD)

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