December Specials and Most for the Host Month

Happy Holidays!  I'm so glad so many of you took advantage of the Black Friday Sales!  What great deals for everyone and you helped me have my 2nd best month ever!  I appreciate your business and find a lot of satisfaction in helping you stock up and be more prepared.

There are some great THRIVE items on sale this month! You can see how to use these items for your holiday feasts by watching Chef Todd create holiday favorites like Chicken Pot Pie and Loaded Mashed Potatoes on THRIVE Live on the 11th.  If you live near the Shelf Reliance Headquarters in American Fork, UT you can even go to the fun event. Order our December specials today to save up to 45% when you try out his recipes for the holidays!

December is Most for the Host month!  If you book a party by December 15th, host the party between now and January 31st, and close the party by the end of January, you'll get an extra reward on top of all the usual host benefits - an additional product at half price, up to a retail value of $500! This is the best time to host a party!  You can do traditional parties where I bring food for you to try, virtual parties for your family and friends far away, and even catalog parties.  So call me to book your party today!


$8.79 $7.09Shop More Info

Green Bell Peppers
$16.49 $14.09Shop More Info

Chicken Bouillon
$28.99 $23.19

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Pasta Carbonara
$7.99 $6.39Shop More Info

Carrot Dices
$19.29 $15.49
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Potato Beads
$16.39 $13.19Shop More Info

Brown Sugar
$11.49 $9.19

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Chopped Onions
$14.39 $11.59
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Beef Bouillon
$26.99 $21.59Shop More Info

Creamy Beef & Noodles
$8.99 $7.19


Pantry Plus

$62.99 $36.99
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$24.95 $13.45

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Survival Knife
$13.75 $9.99

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Cranberry Cornbread
Perfectly sweet and tart.
Mushroom Sage Stuffing
Try this great stuffing for your next holiday meal!
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes to impress!
Thrive™ Chicken Pot Pie
Comfort food to the max.
Green Bean Casserole
A simple and delicious casserole.
An Australian favorite.

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