Ultimate Veggie Pack on Sale; Limited Time!

Another Package on Sale! 

Ultimate Veggie Pack
Sale runs from October 15th and will end on November 11th at Midnight or while supplies last. Contact me to order!

Catalog ID: 25355
HP Price: $378.00
Sale Price: $323.49 - Almost $55 savings!
1,306 Total Servings of Ultimate Veggie Supply Emergency Food Kit By Shelf Reliance®
Package includes 30 #10 cans:
3 Sweet Corn (FD)
3 Sweet Potatoes
2 Green Peas (FD)
2 Cauliflower (FD)
2 Potato Chunks
2 Mixed Bell Peppers
2 Broccoli (FD)
1 Chopped Onions
1 Split Green Peas
4 Carrot Dices
2 Spinach (FD)
4 Potato Beads
2 Potato Dices (FD)
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