October Specials

The October Specials start tomorrow.  The product I am most excited about this month is the FD Green Chili Peppers.  I LOVE THESE.  I use them all the time in my cooking.  This can is a great deal at the regular price.  It is cheaper to purchase the #10 can than lots of those little cans from the grocery store.  And this month it is an even better deal. This item is only for Q customers so sign up and stock up!

I also love the mozzarella cheese.  You can use it just like regular mozzarella and it tastes great.  Use it for pizzas lasagnas all other cheesy goodness.

White navy beans are another great item to purchase.  Did you know that you can use white bean flour to make homemade cream of chicken soup?  You can and it is much healthier with more protein and fiber.

Check out all the specials by clicking on the image.  Contact me to order.
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