The Shelf Reliance Q -- the easiest way to build your food storage

For those new to food storage and those that are looking to bulk up what they already have I recommend the Shelf Reliance Q. 

This is a free customizable program that helps you purchase food storage consistently.    For my family, building our food storage has been all about consistency.  We have made a few large one time purchases but the majority of our food storage has been built up slowly over time, as we purchased a little each month.

The program is pretty straight forward, working much like the Netflix Q.  You create an account, then choose products you want in your food storage (or the computer can help you create a food storage plan for your family).  You set a budget and purchase the products on your lists, a few each month staying inside your budget.  There is no additional charge and you only pay for the product you actually buy (and of course the shipping and tax if applicable). 

My Experience Using the Shelf Reliance Q:
Building up my food storage was always a goal of mine... but it just wasn't happening.  I forgot about it all the time.  When I learned about the Q I thought, "This is for me!"  Every month I will make a purchase in my budget and will be able to continuously build up my food supply.  And it works!  As my friend accurately said, “The Q is the best thing to happen to food storage in a long time.”

And for me and my family it was.  I started with a modest Q order each month.  I would purchase some items we needed for our food storage and they would be shipped directly to my home.  Opening the box was like Christmas.   

We have now been ordering our food storage through the Shelf Reliance Q program for over a year now and have made major strides in our food storage supply. 

What I like about the Shelf Reliance Q program:

  •  I like how easy it is to consistently be building my food storage.  How by ordering consistently we have been able to build a large food supply for our family. 
  • I like how easy it is.  Set it up once (takes 5 to 10 minutes) and then just let it go.
  • I like that it is customizable.   I don’t have to order mushrooms or lima beans, which we aren't fans of.  I am in complete control of my orders each month.  
  • I like the reminder e-mail I get about 7 days before my order is ready to ship that reminds me to check my order and make any changes I need to.  (I’m pretty fickle so I always make changes).
  •  I love that it ships directly to my door. 
  • I like that I always get the best price.  No coupons, no hassle.
  • I love that I get to collect rewards points (for all Qs over $100).  These points are a lot like frequent flyer miles.  For each dollar I spend I get a point and then I can redeem the points for free stuff.  I think we are going to use our points to purchase some solar panels.  (Let’s be honest everyone want solar panels, especially a free one.)

Like any website, the first time you navigate around it can be a little confusing so let's walk through it:

How to Set up Your Own THRIVE Q.  

1.     Visit the Q home page.  
2.     Log in or create a new account by clicking on the blue log in button at the top right of the page.   After you have signed in you will be directed back to Shelf  Click on the Large Q button on the bottom right

3.     Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose between.  “How much do I need in my home store?” and “I know what I want let’s shop!”.  

Option 1: 
 If you choose “How much do I need in my home store”  you will then be asked to answer some simple questions about the number of people in your home, their ages and genders (you don’t have to enter their names if you don’t want too).  This will help the program design a customized food storage plan for your family.    When you are finished with the questions click “View My Plan” and you will see a customized food storage plan.  If there is anything you want to add, remove or change it can easily be done.   

This is what a food storage plan looks like.  I LOVE how easy it is to customize to my family. 

When you are happy with your plan then click on the “Buy monthly” button at the top of the page.  
Begin Shipments—You now have your Q loaded and you need to begin shipments. 
  •  Set your budget by clicking on “edit” next to monthly budget at the top of the page. 
  • Click on the fed ex guy on the upper right of the screen with the red banner that says “Begin Shipments”
  • Select the level of Q club you want.
  • Enter you billing, shipping, and payment info.
  • Success—when your Q shows in the green bar “Your next shipment: October 9, 2012” or whatever date.  You know you did it correctly.

Option 2:  If you choose “I know what I want let’s shop”
You will be able to choose the items you from a list.  Just enter the quantity you want.  After clicking through all the food groups click the blue button at the bottom of the screen “Add to THRIVE Q”. 

 Begin Shipments—you now have your Q loaded and you need to begin shipments.  

  • Set your budget by clicking on “edit” next to monthly budget at the top of the page. 
  • Click on the fed ex guy on the upper right of the screen with the red banner that says “Begin Shipments”
  •  Select the level of Q club you want.
  • Enter you billing, shipping, and payment info.

 Success—when your Q shows in the green bar “Your next shipment:  October 9, 2012” or whatever date.  You know you did it correctly.  

 If you have any questions please call or email me and I can answer them for you.
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Shelf Reliance: THRIVE Live Sept 2012 - Desserts

Recipes Featured:

Easy Brownie Parfait
Take this to your next party!
qQuad Chocolate Chip Cookies
These will change your life!
Angel Food Cake 
Delightful cake using THRIVE Egg White Powder.
qStrawberry Cheesecake 
Enjoy this summer cheesecake any day of the year! THRIVE is always in season.
qPalmer Oatmeal Cake 
A rich, gooey, oat-full cake!
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National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month.  There are so many things going on this month all over the country to help you get prepared.  Stock up with Shelley will be at the City of Yucaipa 2012 Emergency Preparedness Expo on September 27th.  If you are local come check us out!

If you aren't local and want to get involved, check out, which has great resources and even has a searchable list of all the events people have posted for National Preparedness Month.  You can also find regional discussions which can be helpful to prepare for disasters specific to your area. Click here to start searching for events and discussions in your area.  

FREE Emergency Preparedness Consultation

Now is also a great time to start thinking about how prepared you are for emergencies.  During the fall you can often find great deals on food storage and emergency items and in order to take advantage of those specials it helps to know where you are in your preparedness plan. 
To help you get ready I am offering you a FREE Emergency Preparedness Consultation.  I will work with you one-on-one to help you know your family's needs, take inventory of what you have, and make a plan to get you fully prepared for any emergency.
This offer will only be available now through November of 2012 so contact me now to schedule your consultation!

Sale on Survival Essentials

Shelf Reliance is have a special sale this month on some survival essentials, including tents, wheat grinders, stoves, and more.  For more information click here and contact me to order.
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September Specials

This month the specials are all about DESSERT!  Fudge Brownies. Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. Neopolitan Bites. YUM! 


Other baking items are on sale too so now is a great time to stock up on the white flour, baking powder, shortening powder, brown sugar, and powdered sugar. 

White Flour
Other sale items include the Ready Rack and some THRIVE Express foods.  Check out all the items on sale here.
Ready Rack (2 Large Row, 2 Drawer)

Check out these other summer clearance items as well.

And remember that with the starter kits on sale right now is a great time to join my team!  Start your own business for less than $160.  Contact me to order!
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