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Shelf Reliance is currently having a sale on their consultant kits and I'm offering a bonus for everyone that joins my team during the sale!  Being a consultant is a fantastic way to build up your food storage at the best sale prices and even earn FREE FOOD.  If you want to earn an income with this business you can choose to do that as well.  I have loved being a consultant because I get to teach people about emergency preparedness, get awesome discounts for myself, family, friends, and others, and do most of my work from home.  

Benefits of Being a Shelf Reliance Consultant  
  • You get all products at the most discounted price.
  • You get paid 10% commission on every single order you take, even your own!
  • You can attract party hosts, since they earn 10% of the orders placed in free food.
  • You get to keep the 10% in free food on all orders outside of parties..
  • You don't have to keep inventory. Shelf Reliance sends it via FedEx all over the US and Canada.
  • All you need to do to remain an active consultants is maintain your personal Q at $50 of product per month.
  • Parties average about $800+ which means you take home $80+ per party. This pays for your Q every month with just one party.
  • Get paid commission every month for every customer you have on the Q. It's commission without doing any parties.
  • Sell using your own consultant web site. Anyone you know can shop right there and you get commission for it!
  • For each consultant you sign up you make $50 immediately. 
  • Your consultant kit costs $199 (for a limited time it's 20% off!) and it comes with everything you need to get started.
  • You can print price lists and order forms online for free! You don't have to buy party supplies.
  • You can sign up as many people as you want to be on your team. No limits! You earn commission 3 levels deep.
To learn more about the consultant opportunity, visit https://stockupwithshelley.shelfreliance.com/stockupwithshelley/earningpotential

Details About the SALE

All consultant kits are 20% OFF through September 14th.  You have 4 options to choose from:
  • The Consultant Starter Kit (Regular $199.00, SALE PRICE $159.20) starts your business off on the right foot with 9 different THRIVE products and your choice of 2 entrĂ©es.
  • The Consultant Value Starter Kit (Regular $289.00, SALE PRICE $231.20) provides you with a wider variety of THRIVE foods to sample and use in your parties, including 31 different THRIVE pantry cans.
  • The Consultant Deluxe Starter Kit (Regular $579.00, SALE PRICE $463.20) allows you to experience products from each Shelf Reliance area—THRIVE, FRS, and emergency—with a Harvest 72” FRS unit and a 2-person survival pack, plus everything in the Value kit.
  • The Consultant Super Deluxe Starter Kit (Regular $899.00, SALE PRICE $719.20) gives your business the ultimate boost: it comes with 10 different #10 cans of THRIVE, a Harvest 72” #10 FRS unit, and exclusive marketing materials like THRIVE posters and banners, a window decal, and extra aprons and catalogs.
To view the full contents of each package option click here

Special Bonus for Signing Up on My Team

One of the advantages of signing up with me as that I have a very supportive upline (Jodi and Julie) who have put together great training programs and bonuses for our team.  If you sign up any time during the sale, you qualify for their special "INVEST" training/bonus program.  The concept is that if you are willing to invest in yourself and your business by completing this series of training videos, calls, worksheets, etc. they will invest in YOU by providing you with an $80 Party Prize Pack that includes sales materials and party foods to help you do more parties without having to spend money on additional items yet.  It is such a great way to kick start your business not only with fabulous training/motivation but also with free sales tools.  Between the sale and the bonus now is the best time to get started.  To sign up with me and qualify for this great bonus, visit:

(Make sure to enter enroller ID #3916 and enroller email smjordan2@gmail.com to get placed on my team)
    Please let me know if you have ANY questions about the product, the company, or this opportunity. I would love to work with you!
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