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Thrive Freeze-Dried Chopped Chicken 12-Pack SALE

  • 12 #10 Cans of Freeze-Dried Chopped Chicken
  • Regular Price:  $410.28, SALE PRICE:  $303.89
  • $25.32 per can (this is the lowest price we have ever seen freeze-dried chicken from any company)
  • Sale ends August 20th or when supplies run out!  Contact me to order.
Chopped Chicken - Freeze Dried

More About Thrive Chopped Chicken
THRIVE Chopped Chicken makes this versatile food even easier to enjoy! Toss these delicious, pre-cooked dices on top of rice and noodle dishes, or use them to make a barbecue chicken pizza that everyone's sure to love. THRIVE Chopped Chicken is made exclusively from white meat*.
Ratio of FD vs. Fresh:
2 1/2 C. FD Chopped Chicken + 2 C. Water = 1 lb. Fresh Chicken
To make 1 lb. of chicken, combine 2 ½ cups chicken with 2 cups warm water. Let stand for 15-20 minutes. Drain any excess water.
* THRIVE chicken meat is hormone free.  Antibiotics use is limited for therapeutic treatments when needed. USDA regulations prevent treating live chickens with growth hormones and they were not genetically modified during the breeding and growth process.
Shelf Life
Sealed Shelf Life - 25 years*
Opened Shelf Life - 1 year*
*Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.
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