New Products - April 2012

Available exclusively to Q Customers May 1st
All Natural, Clean Labels (this means healthy!), Highest Quality

10 Grain Pancake Mix: replaces our ever so popular 6 grain pancake mix for an even more nutritious breakfast. Q Club price: $10.99 for a #10 can, 13% off retail

Scrambled Egg Mix: new and improved egg powder optimal for scrambling, The scrambled egg mix contains 100% whole eggs. It undergoes a different processing which helps it be a better scrambled egg. Q Club price $37.60 for a #10 can, 10% off retail

Egg Whites: all natural egg whites for scrambling or baking. Q Club price $27.89, 10% off retail

Whole Eggs: Our original egg powder with the anti-caking agent removed. Still a great scrambler and baking. Q Club price $20.69, 10% off retail

Instant Milk: new and improved and as tasty as store bought milk proven by a blind taste test! This new instant milk with replace our original. Q Club price $19.59, 10% off retail

We now offer a new shelving unit to hold your buckets! This shelf will hold 8 buckets at an angle for easy access. Q Club $89.99, Retail $159.99

12 New Entrees, developed by Chef Todd. Only come in Pouches for great tasting, easy and nutritious meals. 10 year shelf life. Come in Box with a Tear-away front for easy access in cupboards. Available in 5 packs(all the same) and 12 pack variety pack. Look for prices and ID numbers for these. Each Pouch has 4 servings. And about $1.85 per serving. Add water and in 10 to 15 minutes you have a meal.

Entrees: Creamy Beef & Noodles, Pasta Carbonara, Southwestern-Style Check & Rice, Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta
Soups: Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, Baked Potato Cheese Soup, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Creamy Garden Vegetable Chowder Hearty Chili with Beans.
Sides: Chili Lime Chicken Rice, Loaded Scalloped Potatoes, Wild Rice Pilaf

This is a great new way to help you get to know the products and how to use them. These are ONLY available through the Q. You cannot buy these separately. For three consecutive months you add the Smart Pack to your Q to get our great tasting FD foods, basics, Meats, Drinks Desserts and Thrive Express Pouches. Plus you will get a fabulous cookbook with over 26 recipes from Chef Todd. All THRIVE products in the Smart Pack are pantry cans and the THRIVE Express products are in Pouches. Use these in your daily cooking to see what you love. So after three months you will be able to know what you like and what you don't.

Here is an Example of the Month 1 for the Smart Start Pack:
17 Pantry Cans: Cornmeal, White Flour (3), White Sugar, Instant Milk (2), Baking Powder, Pineapple Chunks(FD), Fudge Brownies Mix, Iodized Salt, Shortening Powder, Shredded Colby Cheese(FD), Chopped Onions, Strawberries(FD), Banana Slices(FD), Simply Peach drink mix
4 Thrive Express Pouches: Creamy Beef and Noodles, Pasta Carbonara, Hearty Chili and Beans, Baked Potato Cheese Soup
5 Recipes: Cornbread (made twice) Cheese Bread, Strawberry Puree, Carmel Sauce, Strawberry Banana Smoothie
ALL 26 recipes come compiled in a bound recipe book in Box 1.

(The Smart Start Packs will also be great for singles or apartment dwellers who don't need or can't store lots of #10 cans to get a great start on your food storage with variety of foods.  Add an Under the Bed shelf and you're set!)
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