January Sales

Check out the sales for January!  There are some great basics for your food storage, like the beans, macaroni, and wheat.

I'm excited about the wheat.  It is super cheap, especially when you buy in bulk, so get a bucket or two.  You need a lot of wheat in your food storage!  You can eat the berries as a warm cereal or grind it into flour for baking.

The cheese blend is great for mac and cheese, homemade crackers, nachos, and a cheesy vegetable sauce; the Freeze Dried Peas are just like fresh when reconstituted; and that Mango Passion Drink mix is making me thirsty!

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And don't forte the 36 Bucket Package is on sale through January 23rd! You get 36 buckets for your food storage for only $1582.69 (regularly $1861.11).

Contents include:
• 8 - Hard White Winter Wheat
• 5 - White Rice
• 3 - Hard red Wheat
• 2 - Pearled Barley
• 2 - Quick Oats
• 2 - White Flour
• 2 - Whole Wheat Flour
• 2 - Pinto Beans
• 2 - Black Beans
• 2 - Beef TVP
• 2 - Chicken TVP
• 1 - Instant Milk
• 1 - Powdered Milk
• 1 - Lentils
• 1 - Small White Navy Beans
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New Year, New Products!!

We've got some new products from Shelf Reliance to check out!  You can order starting on January 17th!

New THRIVE Products - I know I'll be adding the Sweet Cherries and the Green Chili Peppers to my pantry really soon!

  • Fuji Apples (FD)
  • Granny Smith Apples (FD)
  • Sweet Cherries (FD)
  • Whole Strawberries (FD)
  • Cherry Yogurt Bites (FD)
  • Green Chili Peppers (FD)
  • Red Bell Peppers (FD)
  • Seasoned Chicken Slices (FD)
  • Beef Dices (FD)

Emergency Supplies - Don't the H20 Kits look like a great way to store water in small places?

  • Shelf Reliance Power Center 1000
  • 100 Watt Solar Panel
  • H20 Reserve Kits
  • Aqua Pail

FRS Accessories - These Bed Risers will be great paired with your Under The Bed Harvest FRS

  • Bed Risers

Cookbooks - These books will be GREAT to help you know what to do with your food storage. These will join my cookbook library.

  • Cooking with Home Storage
  • Food Storage 101
  • Cooking with Beans & Rice
  • Cooking with Powdered Milk
  • Cooking with Dried Eggs

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