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Have you ever thought about working for yourself from home?  How about becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant!  I joined the Shelf Reliance team of consultants in July and have been very pleased with the experience.  I have been able to build my food storage quicker than I had previously, I've learned how to actually use the food, and I've made extra money.  I can work when I want to and how I want to.  It is a great job for a stay at home mom or for some one employed full- or part-time elsewhere who wants to make a little more in their spare time or just build their food storage for "free".

Did you know that now is a great time to sign up as a consultant? Why? January is one of the highest sales months of the entire year, making it easy to earn back the initial investment and get off to a great start.  If you are thinking about becoming a consultant do it now.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Questions you might have about being a Shelf Reliance Consultant:

1. How much will I make?

Commission--Shelf Reliance Consultants earn 10% commission on all sales.  You also have the opportunity to earn residual income through the Q program and increased commission as your team grows.  If you are interested in how much consultants make you check it out here.

Trip Contests--In the past they have been about two each year.  The last trip was to Cancun Mexico. 
Bonuses--Consultants are paid a $50.00 bonus each time a consultant signs up under them. My favorite bonus that Shelf Reliance offers its consultant is that any orders that come in outside of a traditional party (this includes online sales) the consultant receives the host benefits for.  This means when someone orders off you URL you receive the regular 10% commission AND you receive the 10% in free product.  For me this has been a HUGE bonus.

Build your food storage at a discount--consultants are eligible for free and 1/2 price products.  It is a great way to build your food storage.

2. How do you work with & support your team members?

Experience--I find that it is very helpful to have an up-line who is experienced.  I have been a consultant for 6 months now and members in my upline have been consultants for almost 2 years, are Gold Executive (the second highest rank), and are members of the advisory board.  These things all help our team be in the know.

Quick Start--Our team has developed programs for consultants that give a new consultant what s/he needs to do to get off to a great start.  I have found that consultants that follow it are very successful.

Brainstorming--Working with your team is a great way to get new ideas to grow your business.  It helps you to think outside the box.  You don't only have to host at home parties.  You can have a booth at a trade show, a local boutique, an emergency preparedness event, or teach a class on food storage or emergency preparedness, etc.  This business is great in that you can do what feels most comfortable to you.  If you like speaking in front of people, teach a class.  If you like a more intimate environment, the parties are great!  You can grow your business in a way that best suits you.

Weekly Training E-mails--Each week we receive a team email.  The e-mail includes announcements that consultants might be interested in or need to be reminded of, a business training section which focuses on how to run your business more effectively and efficiently, and a product training section which focuses on one or more of the products in depth.

Quarterly Training Conference Calls--Usually these calls are very in depth with extensive training for consultants and can be viewed online as well.

Availability and Quick Response--Our team works together to help answer questions and help each other grow our business.

Content--Our team shares a lot of the content we develop which is a huge time saver for consultants on our team.

Research--Our team does in-depth research on our products and then passes it on to our team of consultants.  For example in October one member sent the team an in-depth cost comparison between THRIVE freeze dried fruits and veggies and Fresh fruits and veggies and a reproducible hand out explaining how to use the powders (butter, shortening, tomato etc) that Shelf Reliance offers. This is great information we can use ourselves and share with our customers.

Screamin’ Deal--each month a member of our upline highlights a "screamin' deal” which is the best unadvertised deal and I send it out to customers.  I have found that this is incredibly effective at making one time customers regular customers. 

Rewards and Recognition--Its great to work as a team and to recognize each others achievements or advancements.

3. What's the cost?

To become a consultant you purchase a starter kit.  There are a few different starter kits.  The "Consultant Starter Kit" is the basic kit and includes everything you need for $199.  If you can pay a little more I recommend purchasing the "Consultant Value Starter Kit" for $289 because you get SO MUCH more food to try and use for your parties, but the basic kit really is all you need. 

When you become a consultant you join the Q-Club (click here for more information on the Q).  You are required to have a monthly Q of $50 or more (shipping is $6.99 so I recommend setting your Q for at least $57).  This is a great program that helps you grow your food storage and I've found that I can easily make enough in commissions to cover my monthly costs.

If your goal is simply to build your food storage for "free" I recommend making it a goal to make $150 a month in commissions.  This should cover all costs including any taxes you may need to pay when April 15th comes around plus a little extra for your pocket.  If you make more than $150 a month that's more money in your pocket.  To let you know how easy this can be, I had a month where I had no parties or events, only sales through word of mouth and I made over $500 in commissions.  So with a little work you can actually make a fair amount of money without even leaving your house.

4.  How do I sign up?
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