Grinding Wheat

Grinding wheat isn't really tough, but for those of us who are used to just buying flour it is a bit foreign.  There are many brands of wheat grinders but they basically break down into two groups: electric and hand grinders.  Both have benefits.  The electric ones are very convenient and faster.  They can be a little loud.  But they don't work if you don't have electricity.  The hand grinders take a little bit of work, but they work without power, which is great for emergency preparedness.  There are some hybrids too. 

I have a hand grinder.  Here's how it works:

You attach it to the counter top and put wheat berries in the top cup. 
 You adjust how fine the flour is with the little knob on the crank.  Then you turn the crank and out comes flour.
Pretty simple!  My kids even enjoy helping me turn the crank.  And you have freshly ground flour to use in your yummy recipes!  I haven't measured but it seems like one cup of berries becomes approximately 2 cups of flour.
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