Food Storage Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza, especially homemade pizza?  I wanted to try the freeze dried mozzarella so what better way than on pizza.

Simply use your favorite pizza crust recipe (you could substitute your freshly ground wheat flour for the white or wheat flour called for).  Top the crust with your favorite sauce (I used spicy Alfredo for this particular pizza).  Top the sauce with rehydrated mozzarella cheese and the other toppings you want (I used grilled chicken and bell pepper strips).  I must say after rehydating the cheese I was a little worried because it looked a little soggy but it was great!  It tasted good and still had the stringy cheese texture we're used to.

 I also made some rehydrated freeze dried pineapple to add to the pizza after baking.
Yum, yum.  The kids loved it and the hubby approved too.
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