August Sales & Buckets!

This month we have two exciting things happening at Shelf Reliance.  First, there are some AMAZING deals on Thrive packages going on over the next two weeks but they are only available if you make a direct order through a consultant like me.  You can save between $400-$500 on these packages by taking advantage of these sales.  One expires August 8th and the other expires August 14th so make sure to check them out soon!  More details about the packages and how to place an order can be found at the following links:

1 Year 4 Person Food Supply Package Sale
Food and Water Package Sale

The second exciting news item is that some of the core Thrive foods are now available in BUCKETS.  This means you can now really optimize your food storage to meet your space and usage needs.  The buckets are a great option for things you store in large quantities and they are a lot cheaper per pound than purchasing in #10 cans.  For more information on the buckets go to:

There are also three NEW PRODUCTS available starting this month: Hard Red Wheat, Spelt, and Oat Groats.

If you have any questions about either the packages or the buckets, please contact me!  Prices listed on the website are retail so contact me for special pricing.
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